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I’m a girl named Salma Athirah who is OBSESSED with cardboard boxes, scrap papers and candy containers! Yep, its weird! I love crafting and inventing new things from scraps since I was a child.

Here, in this blog contains DIYs, crafts from scraps, reviews, watercolor techniques, life hacks, and some random stuff to make your life a lot easier! I tried my very best to make this blog helpful to others.

I started this blog because I wanted to share to the world that anything is possible! We don’t necessarily need to spend money to get what we want! NO! That is totally WRONG! There are a ton of things you can make by yourself. Just let the juicy ideas flow out of your brain. There are no people who are most creative, less creative, or not creative in this world, only the lazy ones.

A lot of my acquaintances that mentioned they love doing crafts as much as I do, said that I am so lucky to have time to do DIYs and crafts. They said that they rarely do it because they’re busy. The truth is, I’m just as busy as them. Let me tell you, for those who really love something, they will find time to do it, not do it when they got time.

Umm, what are you waiting for? Scroll down this blog to read my posts. If you find the contents are helpful to you, with an open hand, I would invite you to this art community. Or, easier way is just click the follow button!



#Collab-20 Too Cool For School Hacks+DIYs…!

Hey, there! Its Salma Athirah~💗

So this is a collab with Farah Edzua from The Girl With Coffe..!!!! 🎊🎉🎈🎆🎇✨🎉🎊🎇🎆🎈Yay!! She is going to make a YouTube video titled Back To School 2017 | DIYs, Haul, Routines.

Today’s post is about Back🚃 to School🏫since I’m returning to school in just a few days. 

My mission is to make possibly EVERYTHING from school supplies to organization as HOMEMADE in 2017.  Continue reading “#Collab-20 Too Cool For School Hacks+DIYs…!”

#5StarsDIY- DIY Mini Watermelon Piñata


Hey, peepz! today I’m back with a new DIY. PIÑATA! Like, who doesn’t love Piñatas? And watermelons? A party never complete without a piñata hanging from the ceiling. Trust me guys, this thing turned out really satisfying. Plus, it is really inexpensive and it will be the most attractive decor in your locker, bedroom, or closet!

Continue reading “#5StarsDIY- DIY Mini Watermelon Piñata”